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Zimbra hosted groupware provides e-mail, calendars, contact sharing, and much more.



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Reasons Why You Need LastPass!

  • Remember all your usernames and passwords for any account you have ever created
  • While you are logged into LastPass your internet browser will Save As You Go
  • Autofill your login for any website hassle free
  • All your passwords are in one “Vault!” Edit, Delete and Organize your vault the way you want
  • Online shopping becomes easier! Create profiles for each credit/debit card, billing, and shipping addresses.
  • Always on the Go? No Problem. Download the app for your Mobile device
  • Send logins for share folders with friends and family who are fellow users
  • It is only $12 per year

Here at System Solutions we Recommend TekSavvy

Get the same speed or better for fraction of the price that Rogers or Bell may offer. At TekSavvy there is no contract or hidden fees. What does this mean for you? if you are unhappy with their service or no longer need it, you may cancel at anytime without any cancelation fees. TekSavvy is available for both your business and your home with the option of Cable or DSL, depending on the availability at your location.

How can System Solutions help you?

As a TekSavvy partner we can set everything up for you. We schedule the arrangements for you at your connivence with no extra charge. Also, at System Solutions we can provide you with your own modem and router if you do not wish to rent or buy from TekSavvy. All of our modems and routers come with a 1 year replacement warranty.

By signing up through us, we look after any problems that may come up with TekSavvy. We speak their language so you don’t have to! From sign up to configuration, we can do it all.

Residential Pricing 


Do and see everything you want at the fastest speeds out there.

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Residential Pricing


Share, stream, watch and participate. All you give up is the wait.

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How will this affect you and your business?

Well, an unsupported version of Windows no longer receive automatic updates or online technical assistance. These include security updates that can help protect your PC from harmful viruses, spyware, and other malicious software which pose a security risks to your personal information. In addition to that, Microsoft has not released a new version of Internet Explorer that will be able to run on XP.  The last version of Internet Explorer that was released for XP was IE8 back in 2009! Soon IE8 will no longer be compatible with most websites! If you like using either Firefox or Chrome, soon new versions of those browsers will not run on XP either. Other third party software and hardware companies will no longer support their products for use on Windows XP as well. So the software that you need use in your business everyday may no longer be supported and may not work at all. New peripherals such as printers, usb drives and scanners will not work with Windows XP.

What does System Solutions recommend for current XP users?

As always, System Solutions will continue to solve your XP related software problems. After April 2014 this will become much more difficult and time consuming. However we will continue to support your XP computers to the best of our abilities. We recommend replacing Windows XP with Windows 7 on existing computers (if possible) or replacing them with new computers running Windows 7.



Monitoring and Anti-Virus Protection
Don’t wait for something to go wrong. Get pro-active support with system monitoring.  This protection is designed to make sure that computers and servers are active, healthy, and responding to requests appropriately. In addition, virus protection that doesn’t expire is included for all computers and servers.  If you have our monitoring system installed on ALL of your computers and servers, we offer a guarantee!
We don’t think you’ll get a virus, but if you do, we will remove it free of charge.
That’s our guarantee!
$5.50/month per computer
$7.50/month per server
Powerful, Fast Antivirus with Anti-Phishing
Remote Monitoring
and Management

Be Anywhere. Control Anything

Rick Recommends!

May 9, 2013
Whether you are looking for moderate price, performance, productivity, durability or style – the ThinkPad Edge E530 is the right choice!
The ThinkPad Edge E530 is spec’d and priced right at $759!
Core i5 3210 with 4GB of memory
15.6” HD Display
500GB / 7200RPM and a 16GB SSD Express Cache
DVDRW, Camera / Fingerprint reader
Black Aluminum Top Cover
Windows 7Pro 64 Preload w/ Windows 8Pro 64 Licence

Rick Recommends!

February 27, 2013

Need a computer that’s big on performance and small on SPACE…?


The Lenovo ThinkCentre M72e Desktop Computer  is the perfect little workstation. It’s all the guts of a regular Lenovo desktop in a form factor that is smaller than a box of chocolates! Like all Lenovo business class computers, it comes with a standard 3 year warranty.

Specs:  Intel Core i3 i3-3220T 2.8GHz – Tiny – Business Black – 4 GB RAM – 500 GB Hard Drive – built in Wi-Fi – Genuine Windows 7 Professional – DisplayPort.

$617 plus tax


1. Focus On Core Activities
In rapid growth periods, the I.T. operations of a company will grow also. This growth could consume human and financial resources at the expense of  your business core activities. Outsourcing I.T. tasks will allow you to refocus  without sacrificing quality or service in your I.T. department.

2. Cost And Efficiency Savings
Some I.T. functions or projects are complicated in nature and can put a strain on budgets. Bring these costs and efficiencies back inline with I.T. outsourcing.

3. Reduced Overhead
Overhead costs of performing a particular I.T. function or completing a project are extremely high. Consider outsourcing those functions which can be moved easily.

4. Operational Control
An I.T. department with too many projects, too few staff and a skyrocketing budget is a huge problem. A contracted outsourcing agreement will help you to prioritize  requests and bring control back to that area.

5. Staffing Flexibility
Outsourcing will allow operations that have seasonal or cyclical demands to bring in additional resources when you need them and release them when you’re done.

6. Continuity & Risk Management
Periods of high employee turnover will add uncertainty and inconsistency to the I.T. department. Outsourcing will provided a level of continuity to the company while reducing the risk of a substandard level of operation.

7. Develop Internal Staff
An I.T. project may require skills that your staff does not possess. On-site outsourcing of the project will bring people with the skills you need into the project. Your people can work alongside of them to acquire the new skill set.

System Solutions has launched a redesigned website that provides more concise information.  Also, this web site will bring a series of informative blog posts and newsletters to provide small to midsized business owners with IT advice and guidance.  Check back often for updates!