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01/13/07 10:55 PM: This Week's Links: iPhone, Chewbacca, 767 Accidents

Here’s a new feature, a wrap-up of all the links that have appeared on the “linkroll” this week.

Best 50 hacks for your Life
A wrap-up of 50 ways to improve your daily life.

Baghdad Burning
A blog written by an Iraqi living in Iraq. Heartbreaking, truly.

Fast Order Classic
Story about the classic Waffle Shop diner in D.C., and how it may soon be history.

Safeguard Your Privacy in 2007
Tips for protecting your privacy in an increasingly privacy-unfriendly world.

We Will Rock You – EBN
A classic video. Just go watch.

The Chewbacca Offensive
A look at the futility of Bush’s new Iraq policy.

Nuclear Power Plant or Retirement Community
From McSweeney’s Lists.

The Apple iPhone unveiled
Will it change everything? Or is it a big letdown?

The Gimli Glider Incident
A 767 Airliner runs out of fuel at 42,000 feet. What happens when a jumbo jet becomes a glider.

Finally, Wireless Power?
Will 2007 be the year that we can shed our power cords?

A Mysterious Number – 6174
Some interesting number theory musings.

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